Friday, 21 September 2007

Italics and bold in conversations

Use the ordinary html tags, <i> and <b> with their respective closing tags for bold and italic.

Includes - starting with group, ginc_group

All the include scripts are wonderful function libraries. Just starting to explore these.

ginc_group for example has handlers for creating and dealing with groups of creatures.

// Add up to iMax creatures with tag sTag to group sGroupName
void GroupAddTag(string sGroupName, string sTag, int iMax=20, int bOverridePrevGroup=FALSE)

// spawn creatures in - in BMA formation - and add them to a group
// if there are creatures already in the group, the new ones will be tacked on to the end and placed
// in formation accordingly.
void SpawnCreaturesInGroupAtWP(int iNum, string sTemplate, string sGroupName, string sWayPoint="SPAWN_POINT")

You can handle them as a group to face a waypoint, move to an object etc etc.
Then on the death of this group, various functions are available, eg:

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Miserable as hell

Me and the weather. No birds. Dark.

8.42 Power cut now over. Power went off at about 7.40.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Use Selection button to make only what you want selectable

In the top left you have a dropdown menu called Selection. This allows you to chose which things to select (placables, creatures, sounds etc.). This is very helpful for selecting placeables and creatures placed under trees. It's also very helpful when selecting doors, waypoints and triggers. I usually set this to "None" whenever I'm not actively working on a part of the area, and just looking around trying to find out what to tweak next. No chance of dragging something out of place

Also, the show/hide button next to it is great for finding what you need to work on.

Fixing door problems

You can double-click on the building, and it will suck its doors back into place. If you use your imagination, you can hear the rush of wind as it does so.
Source: Neverwinter Nights: Doors Flying Off Their Hinges
Address :

Terrain window unusable in Vista

Known bug. Have to switch Themes - right click on Desktop, choose Personalize[!] and then Themes and choose Windows Classic. Bit stark and not exactly what people buy Vista for, but the Terrain window will now be readable.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Change PC or NPC name

Generates a random name.
SetFirstName works on PC or NPC - probably also on a placeable or item

string sCreatureTag="n_gerana";
void main(string sCreatureTag)
object oVictim = GetNearestCreature(0,0);//haven't sorted this one yet
oVictim = GetObjectByTag(sCreatureTag);
string sNewname = RandomName();

//All names I've got so far are male sounding so
//if female add an 'a'
if (1==GetGender(oVictim))
sNewname = sNewname +"a";
SetFirstName (oVictim,sNewname);
sNewname = RandomName();